Asia Pacific Top Excellence Service

DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd, once again, is awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Service 2019 & 2020. Since the establishment DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd back in year 2015, we are crowned with this award consecutively until today.

DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd, being the backbone of DAQtruck platform, is a specialised cold trans provider with deliveries happening all over the Peninsular Malaysia. In just 4 years, DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd has expanded to 41 trucks and is still counting!

Experiences give us knowledge, and knowledge is power. DAQtruck is a well-crafted B2B platform with proven pillar of strength and backed with the right mix of talent and expertise from entrepreneurs to IT specialists.

“DAQtruck isn’t just all hype. It can potentially change the business operations of many SMEs and give those who join us and adapt to IT earlier an upper hand over the rest of the competitors. This is absolute and it can never go wrong.” -said Questal, Chief Financial Officer of DAQ.

DAQtruck is now more than a proof of concept (POC). Stay tuned for more updates about us!